Typer façade

The past year, I was involved in a refurbish project for EU buildings. The project consisted in renew a 1950 building. Including the façade, structure, interiors and HVAC system. I participated in the façade team, and my challenge was to propose any ideas, without limits (at the beginning). The menu include, exoskeleton, fractals, and many other options. But one of my favorite proposals was the typer façade.

John Maeda in one of his books explain the idea to write in gray scales. for example the A is white and Z is black, among these letters you have a whole range of grays from white to black. So instead to write with vowels and consonants you write in gray scale. I knew the idea will be rejected for the rest of the team, but I also think that we can spend some time talking about possibilities and probably a new best idea could emerge. And it was!.

So after a couple of hours in Processing I show the applet  to my colleges and interesting and funny paradox appeared. Since the final building users are politics and they use extensively papers and documentations. It would be possible use the façade like a public graphic manifest to motivate and guide the work of these persons or used as a secret complaint to them. Proposals to write on the façade appeared immediately. Everyone in the room wanted to try and write their ideas and see in real time the building design composition. Some of my colleges wrote about politic, others about crisis, economy, obscene words and poetry. Everyone wanted to see how should looks like the façade. At the end of the meeting, all of us learned a little bit about our mates. Because we saw them writing their own manifests hidden in a multi color façade building. The idea finally was rejected because we could not find an strong logic based decision into write one or other sentence.


“…a mi me gustan las canciones de amor y aquellas que hablan un mundo mejor vivo con el miedo al dedo que alguna vez apretara el boton creo en la libertad y en mi corazon hay un sitio esperando por una flor La escena me pone nervioso aunque el show deba continuar yo soy un profesional entrego diversion, valadas de amor… y mi coro dice, mi coro dice”

“…Era una noche fria y tormentosa todos estaban en sus horgares arropados y conservando las energías para el duro día de mañana. Los politicos trabajando hasta altas horas de la noche, sacrficando su idividualidad para el el bien futuro de las personas del pais…”

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