Sensitive Analisys, Prato Italy

I was invited to paticipate in a contest to the Comune di Prato in Italy. I have to say thank you to this cool group of architects from Lisboa: Duarte Cardoso Ferreira, Nuno Lobo Guerra, Ricardo Boaventura, Rita Frias Silva from ADOC architects and all the team of 4ARQ encharged of the 3D images.

I was encharge to develope by programming the plans and the general features of the school. We start working identify every tree in the ground and the area of the differents rooms for the school. Every tree was identify by a point and a minum area of influence (in the fisrt step of the algorithm) and each area of the room of the school was enter in to the algorithm to know the best performance of the build with out touch any tree.

Then the algorithm calculate a voronoi diagram (only with the trees) and inform the resultant areas and we could see where can “grow” our building. the next step was develope a second algorithm to generate pseudo-random points, between the trees and responding obviously to the influence area of them.

Then the process consist basicaly in create generations and test the results, if the dispositions of points allow build the school (first and more important test), if the result produce nice spaces, if we like it, if the algorithm respect entrance determined by us, etc. etc. after every generation, we pass again this second algorithm to produce in some points a random movement to explore new configurations and results.

I take this idea from Mutsuro Sasaki, he use an strategy based in the approach in successive steps to get the best result moving the points in pseudo random way.

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