Iterative vs. Recursive Branching Systems

This is a study on re-writing systems (iterative and recursive) and its implementation in formal models of emerging structures, especially branching structures. The development of models of different iterative systems (as loops) and recursive systems (self-repetition) is done through computation: D0L-systems (analog computing), L-systems (with LParser based programs), and RhinoScript. I’m trying to reach similar formal solutions with different methods. Subsequently, the results obtained are compared, as long as their methods. The study is part of my PhD research on the extrapolation of structural systems of trees for developing generative architecture.The first goal is to acquire knowledge in both re-writing systems and computing techniques, but also to get an idea on which methods are closer to natural emergence. Specially when comes to tree structures. Some of these first images are illustrations of a summary for a paper.

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By Ernesto Bueno





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  • Dario Alvarez Feb 24, 2008, 17:33

    Muy buena iniciativa, felicitaciones! ya le estoy poniendo entre mis favoritos

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