Iconic Road Bridge construction images

The process of fabrication implies the use of advanced technology like CNC, Laser Cut, 3D printing, etc. The human work is part of the process, also when is necessary assemble the different components produced with this technology. Althoug, there are many ongoing researches about the use of robots for assembling components. It is a pending task to be resolved. Because it’s a matter of safety, cost and the possibility to construct in the other environments like the space, other planets or underwater world.

The following images shows part of the construction process of the abi bakr road iconic bridge. The
design optimization process of this project, was discussed in a previous article

Image References:
Alfredo Bäumler Schilling, Ingeniero Civil Estructural Senior | Project Manager en IDOM
Marco Suarez Pizarro, Partner Architect at IDOM México







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