Final Review Seminar Scripting at IaaC

Few Saturday’s ago (01/03/2008) was the final presentation of the Seminar Scripting at IaaC. I participate like instructor with Luis Fraguada from Lan Architects. During the Seminar the students were introduced in the concepts of the Algorithmic Design methods. All of the students do not have idea about scripting, algorithms or programming lenguages.

So we start defining every step of the programming algorithms finishing in analisis surface and simple generations forms. Under the title Generative Domestic  the students had to create some somestic stuff like coach, lamps, bench etc.

At the end of the Seminar some students could be design complex algorithms, resolving the mathematic problems with their own creativity, in the most of cases usign the brute force search.

I would like to thanks all the people who made possible this seminar, The IaaC institute, and the invited Critics: Laura Nattiez, Ernesto Bueno, Ruther Paullo and Gilberto Perez.

Also I am almost certain, that this Seminar is the first in Spain and sure the first in Barcelona

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