Diversity – A.I. to generate shapes and forms.

Diversity in an application that use Artificial Intelligence to understand human expressions to generate shapes and forms, Unity was used as the main VR platform and HTC vive to interact and visualize. Everyone understand that V.R. will add power to the human activities and the same thing is applicable to the field of Artificial Intelligence. The latest efforts consist in blend these worlds (and others) to extend our capabilities and also comprehend a new emerging ecosystem.

It is very interesting to interact in a virtual 3D world: Rise the hands, Dance, Jump, Bend the knees to draw a 3D Volcano or a brief feint to the virtual zombie. etc. Nevertheless there is a minority that we are leaving behind again. The idea behind Diversity is to bring the sculpting and art creation to people with reduced mobility.

Diversity was developed in 24 hours during the VR-AI hackathon in central realities in March 2017. It captures the voice of the user and send the audio to Microsoft cognitive services. A Natural Language Programming developed inside of Unity check for inputs and generates the geometry according to a request.

The video explains well the process:

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