Complex System based on particle behaviour

Last week I’ve been talking, reading and studying about particles and complex system behaviour. There is a lot of literature and very good experiments around the topic in the web. basically a complex system is based in a large numbers of relatively simple entities organize themselves, without the benefit of any central controller into a collective whole that create patterns, use information and in some cases learn and evolve. for example: insect colonies, school-fish, neuronal net, immune system, economies, internet and a long etc.
In general complex systems has some common properties.

Melanie Mitchell described these properties:
1_ Complex collective behavior: Complex systems consist of a large networks of individual components, each following relatively simple rules with no central control. It is the collective actions of vast numbers of components that give rise to the complex, hard to predict in some cases.
2_ Signaling and information processing: All the systems produce and use information and signals from both their internal and external environment.
3_ Adaptation: The system adapt, change their behavior to improve their chances of survival or success, trough learning or evolutionary processes.

Considering the third point, adaptation plays a large role in complex systems, differentiation between complex adaptive systems such as ant colonies and the neuronal nets or Genetic Algorithms. And non-adaptive complex systems, such as huricanes, waves, dunes, etc. Systems organized behaviour are usually called self-organizing. The macroscopic behavior sometimes are called emergent systems which is a characteristic of the system. The main thing here is how the emergent self-organized behaviours comes about.

This is my first attempt to create a complex system based in very simple rules.
How is works:
the applet will generate 500 particles. This particles will try too keep the same distance among each, which is impossible because the size of the field (500px x 600px) will not allow.
clicking on the field you can create attractors and repellors to initiate different behaviours in the flock.
Use the first slider to set the visualization of the cells.
Use the second slider to set the attraction-repellor distance influence.
Use the third slider to set the strenght of the attractor-repellor, by default is in zero so it will not produce any influence in the flock. Use positive values to create attractors and negative for repellors.
In order to use, define the influence area (second slider) then, the strength (third slider) then click on the field.
To liberate the forces applied in the flock, hit:
b to remove the last attractor-repellor.
e to remove any force.
a to see the particles.

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